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Touch of Wholeness Psychological Services LLC is a mental health group forged on the belief that healing and growth occur at its deepest level when the total person is cared for. With this premise in mind, we employ a holistic approach to treatment that considers the individual’s mental, spiritual, physical, and relational health in an effort to create and maintain a sense of balance and wholeness.


Our team of clinicians consists of clinical psychologists, clinical social workers and counselors. Our clinicians have all worked extensively with children and adolescents as well as with adults and are dedicated to providing services to underserved individuals, families, and groups.



Touch of Wholeness Psychological Services LLC was started by Dr. KeaJuanis and Erica Malena. The couple paired their clinical experience and their passion for serving with a desire to make quality mental health more accessible. Touch of Wholeness Psychological Services LLC was birthed in 2014. We have hired additional clinicians and hosted a variety of workshops.


Currently, we have a south suburban location in Olympia Fields and a Chicago location in Hyde Park. Touch of Wholeness Psychological Services LLC since its inception has been focused on providing quality mental health services while treating the whole person.


We make every effort to expose and connect our clients to any additional services and supports that will help them thrive in an effort to meet the needs of the community.




"The process of changing one's life for the better is often a difficult one that requires support and understanding. In my therapy practice I strive to be that supportive guide that many individuals need to get to the next level of existence."


Clients can expect compassionate attentive person centered care in their journey towards growth and sustainable change.


You  are the expert on your life. I am here to help facilitate your journey by utilizing your strengths & skills on the road to healing.


Dr. Alexander is committed to  addressing the clinical needs of traditionally underserved populations. He seeks and welcomes opportunities to do the most for those who have the least.


I approach counseling with an ability to successfully assist clients in navigating challenging situations with introspect and grace while producing results that align with the client's personal goals.

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